3-Ingredient Skincare Made Right + Free Trial Bar

Keeping the skin moisturized as the harshness of winter takes it’s toll…..AND finding the right skin care products to perform.  It’s that time of year when everyone’s skin feels less succulent, the air is dry, as well as desperately needing some kind of hydration to prevent cracking, peeling, and splitting.

MadeOn Skin Care puts the ease in choosing a skin care product made right….With just 3-ingredients, its simply-clean formula surpasses all the rest!   

Approaching life with a holistic mindset, I am a conscious consumer knowing what makes my skin care products optimal.  

Choosing straightforward companies, knowing where their ingredients derive from, community ‘give-back’ involvement, along with uncomplicated packaging is desirable.  

26196044_10155744529501131_4980288103334093607_n~Recently, my skin has had the privilege of utilizing MadeOn’s Hard Lotion, which has been quite effective for all it’s healing properties this little bar contains!  Each night my ritual is to sit quietly with my ‘bar’ and massage each hand until I can no longer sense the need for moisture.  My skin each morning feels beyond hydrated, soft and succulent!!!

My favorite aspect of this hard lotion is there is no greasy mess, absorbs quickly, and leaves no residue.  It honestly works better than liquid lotion.  With the only fragrance containing that of shea butter, coconut or beeswax………JUST PURE NATURAL GOODNESS!




~Looking & feeling similar to a bar of soap, yet requires NO water.  The temperature of the hand warms the bar, releasing the (shea, coconut oil & beeswax) onto your skin.  

It is best to rub the bar over the skin where moisture is needing replaced, and then use your hands to work the ‘hard lotion’ into the skin.  



  • 76 Degree Coconut Oil
  • Unbleached Beeswax
  • Naturally Refined Shea Butter

(Must be kept out of direct sun & extreme heat)

Here is an exert from MadeOn– “Dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions need something that will fix the skin quickly, and effectively, without water. Take water out of lotion and several issues are solved: no preservatives that tend to irritate the skin, no alcohol-based scents that dry out the skin, leaving oils, butters and waxes that give long-lasting relief.”

~For the DIY person there are several tutorials which show you how to make your own lip balm, lotion, sunscreen, rash cream & hair butter.


Why Purchase:

  • 3-Ingredients, Earth Derived
  • Non-Greasy Formula, No Residue
  • Absorbs quickly & Thoroughly
  • Excellent to Use With Sensitive Skin
  • Adults & Children Can Use MadeOn Products
  • Compatible for Traveling & Meets TSA Regulations
  • Muscle Relief & Bug Block Products Are Made Naturally


Click Here To Purchase MadeOn Hard Lotions


My hard lotion can be taken almost anywhere, and used on everyone in my family, from my husband to my 10-month old.  I LOVE that it’s so universal, which makes purchasing one product for EVERYONE extremely cost-effective.

With virtually no waste, no spills, no extra lotion to wipe off or problems with synthetic fragrances……It just MAKES SENSE to use MadeOn skin care hard lotion!!!

I highly recommend trying MadeOn Hard Lotion, your skin will never want liquid lotion again I promise……CLICK HERE FOR A FREE TRIAL BAR!


Love The Skin Your In!




Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 7.18.40 AM



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