Passion Whole Heart Live CD (Review + GIVEAWAY)

MUSIC….stirring the spirit, inviting one to engage the entire soul.  Music the power to envelop emotions, causing one to feel deeply.  Music an expression of form, producing beauty and harmony.  One cannot live without the pleasing sounds of music!

With an unforgettable LIVE worship experience by Passion Music in Atlanta, ‘Whole Heart‘ is not to be missed.  

AND…I am so EXCITED to give one lucky reader the opportunity to WIN their new live album through this review & GIVEAWAY, generously provided by FLYBY Promotions.        Continue reading


What’s In Your Ravioli? We Found Plastic

FOOD to be consumed daily for sustenance, nourishment, and overall energy….And as consumers we depend on companies to provide high-quality foods that are SAFE for consumption, especially those with an Organic Label.  

YET if quality-control goes awry and accidents happen, CARELESS EXTRAS find their way into these SAFE PACKAGED FOODS, which ultimately are discovered on a dinner plate or in someone’s mouth.

You can only imagine how SHOCKED I was when my 7-year-old daughter asked me ‘what this black stuff was in her ravioli?’  At first I dismissed it thinking it was just spinach, but when she insisted that it was BLACK not green, extremely sharp, AND PLASTIC I immediately panicked thinking she had ingested more of what she was showing me.     Continue reading

Picky Eater Success

‘EWWWW, Yucky, No Thanks, I’m Not Eating That, Is Their Anything Else’……Are sayings I hear routinely repeated during meal times, by my ultra ‘picky’ 5-year old.  

I dearly love this little person, but her eating has become so narrow-minded, as well as irritating for anyone on meal prep.  I found myself growing extremely frustrated during meal times, as I know she would question the very existence of the food staring at her on the plate.  AND, yet this has been an ongoing issue ever since she was a baby first learning to eat.

Knowing that her body needs proper nutrition for healthy development, I found myself at a loss of how to convince this child that food is fuel.  So what’s a frustrated parent to do?            Continue reading

The Cat In The Hat Season 2 (Review + GIVEAWAY)

The Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About That, is Back in twenty ALL NEW Episodes!  SO……..Don’t miss your chance to WIN your very own copy of, The Cat In The Hat Season 2 Volume 1, with a Valentine’s GIVEAWAY, generously provided by NCircle Entertainment.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 will show you just what to do, as Nick, Sally and Cat have adventures their own style, how do you like that!  So here we go,go,go on an adventure……
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Valentine Celebrations, Foods & Life-Giving Practices For Kids

Kindness, Generosity, & Love are the emotions that dominate the month of February……..AND what a splendid time to model the ‘golden rule,’ of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, especially with children.    

Take advantage of heightened emotions, as well as an awareness of all things pink, red, & purple that adorn windows, doors and desktops, and CELEBRATE unique ways with this holiday we call Valentine’s Day!!! Continue reading

Healthy Baby, Healthy Home

It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to provide a healthy home environment for those that live with us in our sacred havens of rest, especially babies.  Knowledge is power, and is the means for effective change to happen.  Ignorance cannot be regarded as bliss, as it generally merits unwanted chemicals seeping their way into our homes unbeknownst to us.  That is why Seventh Generation is on a quest to educate parents, for FREE, through Healthy Baby Home Parties & HELP ELIMINATE toxins out of our home environments.   Continue reading

Keeping Your Family Physically Active In Winter

As the days seem endlessly long and bitterly cold, warming oneself by the fire, while the hands embrace a wonderful steaming cup of chai latte, seems divine.  Yet, one’s body lacks a vital element to really thriving during winter…….AND that is PHYSICAL EXERCISE!

One has to be extremely intentional to make the necessary changes with incorporating a ‘winter’ routine of physical fitness, especially for children who are imitators of what they see. Continue reading