Struggling Learners-Boost Your Brain Power (Review)

Fueled by fats, and proteins, as well as consuming twenty percent of our total energy needed for the entire body, is the BRAIN.  With this major organ representing only two percent of body weight, it has the most vital role in our kinesthetic, linguistic, auditory and spatial learning styles.
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Violence, Hate & Society

OUR all-encompassing ‘melting pot’ society has turned into a fiasco of violent attacks on those least suspecting.  AND…’every once in awhile’ is now monthly, or weekly occurrences that reporters make known to the world.  

What goes awry in the heart of an individual to publicly display aggressive action against someone, or society, they have ill feelings towards?    
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30-Day Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude a matter of conscious living, NOT of the heart!  Becoming aware that I am needing a thankful perspective, yet practically what does that look like?  

When my kids are displaying attitudes of entitlement, unappreciative of what has been given, and then always wanting more, how do I cultivate in them grateful living?  

With a 30-Day Challenge of CONSCIOUS LIVING….
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ABC Monsters Volume 6 (GIVEAWAY)

‘Learning is so much fun, especially when it seems like playtime for everyone!’  

Little learners love exploring the world of ABC’s.  What a better way to help them understand concepts of letter recognition and word building, but through ABC Monsters Volume 6-Starring V, W, X, Y, Z.  AND……..A great way to learn more about ABC Monsters is to WIN your very own copy through this review GIVEAWAY, generously provided of NCircle Entertainment.    Continue reading

Reproacable Customer Service

Providing an ‘above and beyond‘ approach in ALL things customer service related proves that taking care of the customers needs is the highest priority of the business generating a service.  With professional, high quality service, and assistance before, during and after ALWAYS exceeding the customers expectations.

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