Captain Bayley’s Heir (Review)

‘There’s gold in them thar hills?’ America’s gold rush, a period when heading west was the place to be, and everyone seemingly had gold rush fever.  An exhilarating time in California to find your fortune and strike it rich.  Unfortunately, it was greed that drove most individuals to seek out a western lifestyle with nothing short of exhausting days, dreaded indians, and saddened hearts.  Some lives were even lost due to inclement weather, outlaws and indians………BUT that didn’t stop their attempts for searching out what was on everyone’s mind, GOLD! Continue reading


The Importance of ‘Community’ in an Isolated Society

At the end of the day when you climb into bed your brain, without hesitation, begins to reflect on the day, are the emotions felt that of satisfaction or discontentment?  

Whether one realizes it or not staying connected to any device lends itself to feeling isolated more than ever.  Social media is a deceptive culprit that is perceived to bring community, feelings of closeness or belonging to a ‘tribe.’  In reality it is the exact opposite. Continue reading

Family Game Night (Review)

Around the globe groups of children are huddled together over a game of marbles, in some countries two people sit across from each other engaged in a game of chess, and in the United States children are not any different with the enjoyable pleasure of playing strategy games.  To use unprecedented brain power for the sheer gratification of conquering your opponent, world domination, or building the underground church is quite epic!     Continue reading

Family Camp

5853fd9a84f7dde573f2c0607ef03025--turquoise-cowboy-boots-blue-boots‘Round’em up Cowboys’ Miracle Mountain Style!!!!  For us city slickers finding our inner cowboy and passion for fresh country air, is the driving force for a lifestyle unto its own.  I’m talking about a ‘Yippee Ki-Yay’ Wild West weekend to remember.  So strap on some boots, saddle-up and ride off into the sunset with us………Well…….Almost!

Miracle Mountain Ranch Family Camp, a place where kids roam free, dinner bells are heard, warm fires breed fire-side chats, Gaga ball is played and sweet family memories are made……..One must experience to fully understand!         Continue reading

Acupressure Unleashed & Nausea Contained

“I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.” ~Walt Whitman 

Ahhhhh to Travel…….Destination chosen, detailed plans carefully crafted, journey is underway and from the backseat a small voice disturbs your open road thoughts with “I FEEL SICK.”  

Nausea can be the most debilitating and abrupt way to spoil a perfectly planned ‘Road Trip.’  AND……While family vacations can either be a blessing or a curse, for those that experience nausea of any kind it is relief that is sought after, and quickly!  

I did receive this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.    Continue reading

Discouraged Moms

Dear Discouraged Momma,

Are you struggling to survive or surviving to struggle?

Trust me I’ve been there……..I know what it feels like to wake-up follow your daily routine and end the day feeling deep sorrow. Your day, month, year becomes a blur, all your energy is spent JUST trying to survive this life. Yet somehow you long for more, your soul yearns for a deep connection to what you know, what you used to know and what the future may bring. It’s the journey that seems to be twisting you in every direction, but straight. How does one STOP this life and get off for a while? Continue reading

Parenting Without Emotions

Children of any age seem to generate the most advantageous, and also the worst parenting emotions.  Without realizing, the voice becomes louder, the body starts to tighten, the breathe is shortened and mentally one has just engaged in a round of emotional exhaustion for the parent and the child.  To disengage oneself from swirling in a pattern that seems to be an endless merry-go-round, it takes true consciousness to mentally STOP! Continue reading

Jamestown For What its Worth and All We Learned~Part 1

20841192_10155368875826131_7044504299219147793_nThe sheer pleasure of stepping back in time to a time period that will Never be forgotten.  AND……how could we when this entire nation was shaped, formed and colonized by a persevering people group that would not back down no matter what the extremities of circumstance.  Yet my own two conflicting emotions while walking through the Jamestown Settlement, Grateful and Disheartened.  

Walk with us through the Settlement as we explore what makes this a memorable place to visit, and how to help your children remember one of the most monumental moments in the history of the United States. 
Continue reading